‘Anna ki Aaag’ – The biggest reality show involving a billion people

Lead Role : Anna Hazare

Guest appearances: Baba Ramdev, Kiran, etc

Supporting characters: Uncorrupted Indians (It seems they are about 90+%)

Main villains: UPA & Manmohan Singh

Side villains: Corrupted Indians (every other Indian except me), Police, Govt officials, Switzerland banks

Produced by: BJP and other opposition parties.

Executive producers & Cinematography: 24 x7 Media

Action & Stunt coordinators: VHP, RSS, right-wing groups and some ….

Publicity & Media Partners: Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media

Story line: Fighting for a bill that will eradicate corruption and change the fate of Indians.

Highlights: Poor Anna been sent to Tihar jail (very emotional scene), Rakhi Sawant-Baba Ramdev-Rahul’s Item song in Tihar, UPA’s comedy of errors, Punch dialogues in parliament.

Budget: Several sessions in Parliament, Increased flights & trains, Intense policing, public disorder maintenance, holidays to government offices & schools, and cant fit all here. Only white money will be used.

BoxOffice verdicit: Running successfully

Awards and Nominations: Will be nominated for ‘Bharat Ratna’, if BJP comes to the power. Some say ‘new age Gandhi’ and others ‘media-fed megalomaniac’?

My Review: A great story on dependent personality disorder. The classic hope of ‘one thing’ presumed to change everything. Last but not the least, ‘Mirror Mirror Who’s the Fairest of All’?