RPY2 Is not working with multiple R versions Installed

We have recently upgraded our computing farm nodes from Ubuntu 10.04.4 to Ubuntu 12.04.3. We have user specific (/usr/bin) R & Pythons as well as network installed multiple versions of R(R-2.15.2, R-3.0.0), and pyhonbrew’s pythons(2.7.2,etc).We use RPY2(2.3.6) along with network installed R(R-2.15.2) and Python(2.7.2) which all are working fine until we updated Ubuntu. After the upgrade, using rpy2 throwing several different types of errors, some of them looks like:



Since our original rpy2 was build aginst old Ubuntu/R/Python shared libraries, we suspected that we may need to recompile it again to fix the rpy2 issues.

Thomas Cokelaer made a nice blog post on how to do this, This blog post is kind of extension to his solution.

So, I started off with re-installing rpy2 again.

First un-install rpy2:

This un-install only removing the file “<path_to_python>/lib/python2.7/site-packages/rpy2-2.3.6-py2.7.egg-info”, but not the entire rpy2 directory, so manually delete just to be sure:

Download RPY2

Set right environment variables:

Now recompile rpy2 against Intended R by specifying its location:

In most scenarios this should be good enough for rpy2 to work, however if you are unlucky like me, then read on..

After some frustrating hours of googling, un-re-installing rpy2, using different versions of python & R, I decided to dig further examining the shared objects that are used by running Python and R processes:

Then I looked at what shared objects are loaded particularly by “<path_to_r>/R-2.15.2/lib/R/bin/exec/R”:

As you can see from the output libR.so “libR.so => /usr/lib/libR.so (0x00007f2661c05000)” is loading from local R library instaed of my intended network R location.
This suppose to load like “libR.so => /software/R-2.15.2/lib/R/lib/libR.so (0x00007f328c64e000)”

Since, i don’t have admin privileges to touch network installed R or re-configure default SO’s, I fixed it by amending following environmental variable so that proper SOs are loaded:

After again re-installing rpy2 and testing, all works as intended:

Hope this helps to someone in the similiar situataion..

2 thoughts on “RPY2 Is not working with multiple R versions Installed

  1. Gwang-Jin Kim says:

    Thank you very much for this detailed instructiions, Dushyant!
    My rpy2 problems, I solved using conda environment for this time. But on the way to that, I became aware that being able to set the PATH and LIBRARY variables during the installation procedure would do it, too. Your post teaches me how to do that. Thank you so much!

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